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Changes Coming To StoryBoard

July 9, 2019 Mark Fleischer 1

Dear friends, Help StoryBoard Memphis stay in print! Read on. I am writing to you now because it is about the time of the month when readers of our print journal would be expecting the […]

Memphis Pastimes

The Negro Leagues Come To Memphis

July 6, 2019 Rebecca Phillips 0

By Rebecca Philips, with Mark Fleischer The Negro Leagues had been around since the end of the Civil War before a team ever started playing in Memphis.  There were up to seven organized all-African American […]

Neighborhood Board

The Dogs Are Running The Show

June 28, 2019 Candace Echols 0

By Candace Echols It was the dog with the top hat on that caught my attention. He didn’t seem to mind it. He may have even liked it. That’s how dogs are in Midtown on a regular […]

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