Happenings Around Town

City of Hope Exhibit Opens at Pink Palace Museum

September 27, 2019 Bill Walsh 0

PINK PALACE Exhibit features posters and photographs from the 1968 Poor People’s Campaign By Bill Walsh, Pink Palace Family of Museums For 43 days between May and June 1968, demonstrators demanded social reforms while living […]

Neighborhood Board

Six Degrees of Frayser

September 26, 2019 Kelly King Howe 0

NEIGHBORHOOD STORIES By Kelly King Howe It’s just another Friday night. The football game is over, and the real fun has just begun. Frayser Boulevard is one long line of cars, starting at Wendy’s and […]

Neighborhood Board

Swooning Over Squeaky Floors

September 26, 2019 Candace Echols 0

NEIGHBORHOOD STORIES By Candace Echols It was the smell of root beer brewing in the basement.  Or at least that’s what they told her.   My grandmother was young and she can still remember Central […]

Neighborhood Board

The Heartbeat of a Neighborhood

September 26, 2019 Ken Billett 0

A Fixture of Poplar Ridge Farms NEIGHBORHOOD STORIES By Ken Billett Paul Drake watched our neighborhood like a hawk. Either from his living room window or from an old folding chair in the carport, not […]

Neighborhood Board

Yes Folks, Fall Is Coming

September 26, 2019 Candace Echols 0

NEIGHBORHOOD BOARD By Candace Echols Soon, very soon, a morning is going to come and it will bring with it something delightful. We will all wake up and before our eyes open to the world, […]

Neighborhood Board


September 25, 2019 Mark Scott 0

NEIGHBORHOOD STORIES By Mark Scott Whenever I hear Chris Daughtry’s song “Home” it brings up conflicted emotions within me. Emotions of place. Both lost and found.  Lost, like the year I took down those blue […]

Memphis Heritage Keystone

Beale Street: Home of the Blues

September 20, 2019 Tiara Campbell 2

Beale Street: Home of the Blues NEIGHBORHOOD BOARD Today’s neon district was once home to a thriving Memphis neighborhood By Tiara Campbell Beale Street is the Home of the Blues. It says so on the […]

University of Memphis Special Projects

Writing Like a Camera

September 16, 2019 Donal Harris 0

UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS, DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH By Donal Harris During the Spring 2019 semester at the University of Memphis, I led the course “Writing Like a Camera,” which studied the forking paths of literature and […]

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