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April Four

April 4, 2017 Mark Fleischer 0

StoryBoard Memphis is a place for Memphis to tell its stories. And it’s hard to find a more important Memphis story than that of the event that took place on this date in 1968, forty-nine […]

Endangered Memphis

Wm C Ellis & Sons, Memphis, Tenn

February 8, 2017 Mark Fleischer 3

This is the first in a series chronicling an important piece of Memphis history while it still lasts. Driving – or better yet, walking – down Front Street south of Madison in Memphis one will encounter […]

Mark's Memphis Blog

Memphis, My Blog Is Still Alive!

January 30, 2017 Mark Fleischer 2

“I want StoryBoard to be a sanctuary. A respite from everything we see daily on the news and from the vitriol of FaceBook. However you feel about our new President and the current administration, you […]

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