Memphis Families

The Memphis Legends Podcast

October 29, 2016 Mark Fleischer 0

This “column” will feature monthly podcasts with those Memphis legends most Memphians have never heard of, who will share their personal Memphis history and memories.

Sites, Organizations We Love

Preserving Memphis and Her Heritage

July 20, 2016 Mark Fleischer 0

(in progress) There are institutions and then there are faces of institutions, and the face of Memphis Heritage is June West. In fact, one almost cannot speak of one without the other.

Madison Avenue Then and Now

The Battle For The Street

June 10, 2016 Mark Fleischer 0

“Madison is one of the last, walkable streets of its kind that we have left.” That’s what June West of Memphis Heritage told me when I started this endeavor to document Madison’s history. Iconic Memphis author […]

Mark's Memphis Blog

My Own Private Memphis

March 18, 2016 Mark Fleischer 0

All over the country, and the world, people have unique and personal connections to their cities, their neighborhoods. Their connections are often surface-level. Maybe it’s the restaurants, the nightlife. Maybe it’s the weather, the sunsets, […]

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