SB 30 Episode 28: Talking the Memphis Room & Lost Restaurants with Historian Wayne Dowdy

On this week’s show, host Mark Fleischer sat down with the one and only Wayne Dowdy, author and historian and caretaker of the Memphis & Shelby County Room of the Memphis Public Library. One of our three “celebrity historians” – along with Jimmy Ogle and Willy Bearden – Mr. Dowdy shares his perspective on Memphis history: “I’m interested in the people who actually do the building, not the ones who direct the building. I prefer to look at the folks who were in the trenches because their story hasn’t been told.”

Host and author also talked about the challenges of maintaining historical archives, how Memphis is to this day shaped by its roots in slavery, and about Mr. Dowdy’s upcoming book, Lost Restaurants of Memphis, which will be released October 14.

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