Dulaney's Districts

Dulaney’s Districts: Normal Station

February 9, 2020 John Dulaney 0

Dulaney’s Districts Putting neighborhoods on the National Register is an exhaustive, dedicated process. In this special series, the keeper of the Memphis Heritage Historic Properties Catalogue gives us snapshots of some wonderful but lesser-known historic […]

University of Memphis Special Projects

Writing Like a Camera

September 16, 2019 Donal Harris 0

UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS, DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH By Donal Harris During the Spring 2019 semester at the University of Memphis, I led the course “Writing Like a Camera,” which studied the forking paths of literature and […]

Neighborhood Board

Soaring Past Dogwood Drive

July 27, 2019 Ron Buck 0

By Ron Buck Stuart slipped into the mineral room and switched on the black light’s ultraviolet rays. The jagged, translucent, crystalline forms in the display instantly glowed in their bright neon and cool pastel colors. Chip flew down […]

Neighborhood Preservation Inc.

Top 10 Code Violators Map | EXPLAINED

March 14, 2019 Austin Harrison 0

WHOThe Memphis Blight Elimination Steering Team is comprised of 30+ non-profits, governmental, and private organizations committed to eliminating the high concentration of blighted properties in Memphis, Tennessee. This group was formed by the signing and […]